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Healthier Beverages from SodaStream - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthFor more than 100 years, SodaStream International has been helping people enjoy refreshing sparkling beverages. In 1903, Guy Hugh Gilbey, of the London gin distillers W & A Gilbey, Ltd., created an “apparatus for aerating liquids”. This revolutionary piece of equipment, which enabled owners to turn ordinary water into something quite exciting for the time; light, effervescent, bubbly refreshment, was in high demand among royals and the upper class society of London.



Then in 1920, convenient flavor enhancements such as cherry ciderette and sarsaparilla were introduced. The company has grown a lot from those early days. In 1955, home machines were produced and primarily sold in the UK, later spreading to Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

With the recent rise in consumer interest in healthier food and beverage options and environmental awareness, SodaStream, the world leader in home carbonated beverage systems, is poised to become the new go-to kitchen appliance. Consumers can easily and instantly transform ordinary tap water into carbonated beverages that contain no artificial flavors or coloring, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no high-fructose corn syrup and up to two-thirds less sugar than store-bought cola. All the healthier benefits and limitless potential for customization.

SodaStream  mixologists are crafting and sharing creative beverages recipes for kid-friendly fizzy drinks, healthy sparkling juices and even cocktails. While sparkling water enthusiasts can control the precise level of carbonation and use the water of their choice—filtered, structured, pH balanced or tap—others may choose to flavor the sparkling water they create by adding fresh ingredients like fruit purée and juice or by using convenient SodaStream flavorings to the precise level of intensity preferred.

SodaStream is helping to eliminate plastic in our landfills, carbon emissions and more. Because SodaStream uses special carbonation crafting bottles to create and store its beverages, users are not hauling home or discarding out one bottle per beverage consumed. According to some studies, Americans alone dispose of130 billion bottles and cans every year, and 340 billion beverage bottles and cans are not recycled every year around the world.

SodaStream is also dedicated to reducing the amount of packaging waste from bottles and cans, as well as the level of pollution caused by transporting. Because each 60LSodaStream carbonator is enough to create the equivalent of up to 60 liters of soda, and SodaStream bottles are reusable for up to four years, one family could eliminate as many as 10,657bottles and cans over five years.

SodaStream is a staple in many European and other homes worldwide where environmental awareness is highest. The sleek, elegant machines are moving in atop the counters of millions of American households.

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