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The Healing Oasis was created during a Mom’s Day Out group last year by founders and facilitators Jodi Roberts and Kris Sands with a specific intent to support stay-at-home moms. Roberts is an anthropologist and sound healer. Sands is a Healing Touch certified practitioner, and both practice at Star Coyote Sound Temple, in Plano.



They received significant feedback from non-moms that indicated they wanted to attend, but their status prevented them from doing so. In response to those requests, the group was refocused and renamed to welcome all women. The Healing Oasis meets every other Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Admission is $20. May get-togethers are held every other Tuesday, including May 12 and 26. Women 18 and older are welcome.

Roberts and Sands note that while most women’s groups adopt a psychological approach, Healing Oasis brings a holistic and systemic perspective to their concerns. In some groups, clearing issues and regaining balance is accomplished mainly from a intrapersonal personal perspective, but Healing Oasis is about community and connection and each woman doing her part to improve herself for a greater purpose of affecting positive change within her family, her circle of influence and the planet.

Roberts says, “A family and the Earth is a system, if there is a positive change in one area, other things have to adjust to that change. By focusing on our own self-improvement, we are being of service in a bigger context to the entire planet. The group is fairly new, but already families have seen the effects of healthy females among them. I’ve received comments from husbands that they see a positive difference in their wife and have come to value the time she spends at Healing Oasis because of the calming and positive affects her self-improvement has on the family unit.”

“Women are naturally givers, and Healing Oasis fills a need for women’s healing, relaxing, receiving emotional support and a sense of sisterhood that make us more effective in the rest of our lives,” says Sands. “Our group works on clearing out issues that women are experiencing; some very serious and some much less so, but the group is open and welcoming and committed to the greater good that can be achieved by making improvements in ourselves and nurturing others.”

“A particularly beautiful part of the Healing Oasis is the incredible cross-section of women who participate,” notes Roberts. “Some are regulars and some pop in as their schedules permit, but all are bettered by being in community with other women from all walks and stages in life who come to better themselves so they can be a positive force in the world and for their families.”

Location: Star Coyote Sound Temple, a private residence near Parker and Custer, in Plano. For more information, call 512-788-1236.

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