Happiness is a Choice, Not an Accident

SB - Image - HAPPINESS - Amy Egan1a-adjby Amy Egan

Most of us spend much time and energy searching for happiness by looking for things that will make us feel good, yet true happiness could be described as simple contentment, or feelings of peace. It is helpful to know there are a few things we can add to or subtract from our daily lives to foster a sense of inner peace.

Fulfilling our own needs is a great place to start. Oftentimes, people wait for their needs to be met by someone or something “out there”, which simply leaves them dependent, powerless and often resentful. When we learn to fulfill a greater portion of our own needs, we feel more in control and satisfied with our lives.

Another helpful tool is remembering to stay focused on this step of the staircase. If we are looking at the step behind us, the one ahead or the top of the staircase, we can become fearful and overwhelmed, which often leads to emotional paralysis. When we are able to let go and allow the next step to present itself when the time is right, peace follows.

Also, it is helpful to understand that when we are unhappy about something, we generally have three options: change the situation, leave the situation or accept it. Accepting our situation means seeing it from another perspective. If acceptance is our best option, being willing to let go of our old perspective is a must. Often, becoming aware of a few new tools can help us create more inner joy, and remembering that lasting happiness is a choice lets everyone else off the hook.

Amy Egan is a life and parenting coach, and co-owner of Inner Evolution, offering group and private sessions in Plano, Allen, Dallas and McKinney. For more information, call 214-356-7646 or visit InnerEvolutionCoaching.com or TexasParenting.net.

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