Green Peel is a Facial Peel Without Chemicals

Ronit Mor

Ronit Mor

Ronit Mor Spa & Wellness is adding a natural alternative to chemical facial peels. According to owner Ronit Mor, Green Peel is an all-natural, biological herbal peeling method which can be suited to obtain smoother, clearer, fresher skin. 

She says, “Green Peel was developed by Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio and is based on plants and herbs. It’s been used successfully in the most exclusive spas and clinics worldwide for many years, and I’m thrilled to now have a peel treatment that aligns with my beliefs and mission, and that achieves the desired results such as diminishing wrinkles, crow’s feet, acne, uneven pigmentation, scarring and stretch marks, with improved elasticity and overall look of the skin.”

Location: adjacent to Willow Bend Mall, in Plano. For appointments or consultations, call 214-973-0482. For more information, visit

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