Grateful Yoga in Allen

nb_grateful-yoga-adjGrateful Yoga, located at 602 East Main Street, Suite B, in Allen, teaches people very slow and mindful movement focused on breath and flow with proper technique. They also offer restorative and yin yoga classes to teach students to relax in their bodies. What they do is not difficult for beginners, charging $15 for a drop-in and $30 for unlimited classes the first 30 days.

Owner Maya Crockett states, “Our offerings are very different in that we try to achieve the balance in the health of our body and mind, rather than focusing just on the physical fitness. My educational background is in Chinese medicine. I am a licensed acupuncturist/Chinese medical practitioner who decided to open up a yoga studio to create and empower a community of people interested in self-care for the betterment of the health in the community as a whole. I have been an avid yoga practitioner for 18 years and believe strongly in yoga to keep our mind and body healthy.”

For more information, call 214-666-6272 or visit

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