Fusion Fitness Harnesses the Power of Movement

Nia Technique is a fitness modality considered by many to be the original form of fusion fitness, combining martial arts, dance and healing arts. Created in the early 1980s in northern California, Nia is a non-impact, sensory-based movement practice that combines nine movement forms and 52 moves to create a 60-minute, moderate-intensity barefoot workout that is energetic, unique and fun. The movements correspond to areas in the base, the core and the upper extremities.

Nia is all about the pleasure principle. Instructors invite students to move at their own comfort level, always seeking pleasure. If it feels good, do it; if it doesn’t feel good, stop.

Students are encouraged to either connect and explore the body, mind, emotional and spiritual aspects of
their body, or experience unique body through imagery and visualization that the Nia instructor provides. They are also invited to dance the 52 moves their body’s way, exploring their own levels of intensity and expressivity, giving each student the ability to customize the class to suit their needs.

Because students of Nia have the flexibility of dictating their individual workout level, ages range from 11 to 70, coming together to forge an amazing dance community. Each class is unique, with a different focus and intent to explore every time. The accompanying music is a wide range of funky, inspirational and joyful songs that get the body grooving and moving, and students are encouraged to get vocal, punch, kick, laugh and shimmy.

The Nia program incorporates the power of unique movement and a fusion approach to fitness, empowering every person to discover, explore, unleash and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life—by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies.

Shannon Mairs, MS, is a Nia Black Belt, Nia White Belt Trainer and member of the training faculty at Nia Technique based in Portland, OR. For more information, call 469-879-5283.

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