Fresh Brewed Kombucha Available from Juicer Heroes

Fresh Brewed Kombucha Available from Juicer Heroes - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthJuicer Heroes has added freshly brewed Kombucha, a slightly effervescent, fermented tea, made from sugar, tea, yeast and bacteria, to its line of juice offerings.


Unlike prepackaged Kombucha drinks, Juicer Heroes Kombucha is all organic and blended with 20 percent juice from some of the most popular Juicer Heroes juices to boost the nutritional benefits and add a variety of flavor options.

Juicer Heroes locations: 6975 Lebanon Rd., Ste. 306, Frisco; Plano location opening in March. For more information, call 469-803-5919.

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