Free Seminar on Healing Thyroid Dysfunction

nb_THYROID SEMINAR - LAURA PRECOURT - RECLAIM HEALTH - RzdUp-adj-fuzzyDr. Laura Precourt, of ReClaim Health, in Plano, is offering a weekly seminar at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays in May to educate the public about the causes of thyroid dysfunction and natural remedies.

During the seminar, Precourt will explain how we can eliminate the need for medication and how to start feeling great. “Through proper diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications thyroid dysfunction can be eliminated for good. Most people with a thyroid disorder do not think that it is that big a deal, but the thyroid is one of the most important glands of our body. It directly influences metabolism, growth and development and body temperature,” she says.

Precourt advises, “Thyroid disorders are running rampant today, and in the majority of cases medications are not addressing the true cause of thyroid dysfunction.” Thus, people continue to suffer with weight issues, brain fog, depression, fatigue, poor sleep, cold hands and feet and hair loss.”

Admission is free, but preregistration is requested, as locations for these events vary. For more information or a personal consultation, call 972-985-9355, or visit

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