Free Introduction to Meditation via Skype

Dr. Alina Olteanu

Dr. Alina Olteanu, owner of Meditate With Alina, is offering online meditation classes for busy people via Skype sessions, including a free introductory class at 4 p.m., October 18.

She states, “Chronic stress is the underlying cause of many chronic diseases. Meditation is the perfect antidote to stress and the solution to maintaining balance in a fast-paced, sometimes chaotic modern world. Even one brief session of meditation can have immediate effects, like relaxation, a sense of well-being and calm, a focused mind. Meditation switches the body and the mind from a “fight-or-flight” stress response to a restful awareness and a relaxation response.”

Olteanu explains, “As a physician, I’ve always felt I was in a race against time, and I’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects of chronic stress on people’s health and relationships. Young, driven professionals are especially vulnerable to stress, because they believe, as I did, that it’s a justified way of life without long-term health consequences.”

The class is free with RSVP to 214-842-9510 or For more information, call or visit

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