Free Intro to Permaculture Class in Plano

nb_sop-class-photo-fun-adjThe School of Permaculture (SOP) is offering an introduction to permaculture class from 7 to 9 p.m., March 10, in Plano. SOP educates and offers consultations on to how design and install permaculture systems on patios, in backyards or on a larger scale, utilizing ancient wisdom, design and technology in ways that harmonize with natural systems to provide for everyday living needs including housing, food, clean water and energy.

SOP founders Nicholas and Kristi Burtner say, “People have awakened and realize that they need a change and desire to be more connected to their food and natural resources. They see the problems we face in the world and our economies and know they need to change, but are not certain how to exactly do that. We train students to become producers of their resources and lessen their addiction to consumerism through sustainable and regenerative living.”

Other SOP events in March include Climatic Factors Day; Trees and Their Energy Transactions Day; and a Local Wild Edibles class.

Reservation for the free intro class is requested. Other March events range from $40 to $75 each. For more information, or to reserve your seat, call 214-856- 8477 or visit

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