Free Functional Health Seminars

crg_LAURA PRECOURT - RECLAIM HEALTH - RzdUp-adj-fuzzyDr. Laura Precourt, owner of Reclaim Health, in Plano, is teaching free seminars every Thursday to educate attendees Dr. Laura Precourt about why their health and the healthcare system is failing them. Precourt’s programs coach people to learn the important differences between traditional and functional medicine approaches, take control, reclaim and maintain their health. Each seminar focuses on sharing solutions and sources of unresolved issues such as thyroid problems, diabetes, digestive issues, hormone imbalance, stress and depression.

“In my practice, I see patients with symptoms such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, belly fat, thyroid issues, digestive and hormones imbalances, depression and anxiety,” says Precourt. “These seminars are created to educate attendees so they can really understand what’s happening in their bodies; why medications may not truly resolve their conditions; why some medications may be making their conditions worse; and what they can do to take charge of their health. We are committed to serving our patients with a step-by-step curriculum addressing the cause of their dysfunction, not just focusing on their symptoms.”

Admission is free. Location: Reclaim Health, near Parker and Custer, in Plano. To RSVP (required), call 972-985-9355.

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