Finding Natural Pest Solutions to Safeguard Our Homes

Finding Natural Pest Solutions to Safeguard Our Homes - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthLiving a green lifestyle is nothing new for Jarrod Arnold, owner of Natural Pest Solutions. He grew up in Plano, Texas, in a home where his parents, Ed and Peggy, did their best to stay away from the harsh pollutants of the world. When Arnold was a child, he and his brother, Matthew, were given a Scottish terrier. It was their first family dog, and some years later, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer and died.


Arnold’s father began questioning how the dog contracted bladder cancer and learned through research that a herbicide he was using caused the dog to be 18 times more likely to have the fatal disease.

Shortly after that discovery, Arnold’s parents met a couple from Oregon, who were in the natural pest control industry. Intrigued by what they had to say and loving the natural aspect of what they were doing, Arnold and his parents traveled to Oregon for training to become part of it, and soon opened up a business in Plano practicing structural pest control (controlling insects around houses or businesses) in 2008.

Arnold says, “It was a reaction to personal tragedy that was self-inflicted out of ignorance.” He explains that most people are not thinking about the products they are using as much as they should be. He believes that it does not really matter so much which chemicals we use, because most chemical shave adverse effects, and he stresses the importance of truly knowing what we are using and what we are putting into or onto our bodies.

Arnold is passionate about living a green lifestyle, and he is very cautious of the products he uses for his own personal use. He and his mother and brother all tend organic vegetable gardens and Arnold also raises his own chickens. Natural Pest Solutions has become an outlet where he is able to encourage others to seek out a greener lifestyle, as well.

Frequently responding to calls about termites, ants and spiders, Natural Pest Solutions also cleans commercial and residential areas of cockroaches, earwigs, ticks, mosquitoes, flies and other vermin. The strategy and amount of time it takes to eliminate a pest problem can vary greatly, depending on the insect. Although some problems can betaken care of in one day, others may take weeks.

In addition to promoting a greener lifestyle, Arnold also enjoys hunting for the insects and meeting new people on the job. He relates his profession now to the days he loved working at a summer camp and going on nature hikes, pointing out different bugs and teaching the kids. That educational aspect is still a part of Arnold’s life. The strategy of Natural Pest Solutions includes educating clients about how to prevent pests on their own, which may simply require the knowledge to eliminate certain foods and water sources the pests need to survive. Arnold points out that proper pest prevention amounts to a partnership between his company and the client.

While application techniques may resemble those used in a traditional pest control approach, Natural Pests Solutions is able to apply natural products, some of which he owns proprietary rights to use, that break down much quicker than traditional products, leaving less of a negative impact on the environment. Arnold says he would love to see a shift in the entire pest control industry in which other exterminators using traditional products seethe importance of taking a more natural approach and begin utilizing it.

After working closely with his father, Arnold took over the business last year, keeping the family focused on their mission to promote greener, more natural lifestyles. For increased energy efficiency, Natural Pest Solutions uses hybrid vehicles and employs their truck only when necessary.

Arnold believes that there is hope for a better, healthier world, and says, “ I would love to live in a world where we could help each other more.” That could begin simply by choosing to use products and services that are not harmful to ourselves, our environment and even our pets, because taking a more natural approach to life has the potential to save lives.

Natural Pest Solutions protects families and homes in the Dallas Metroplex. For more information or to request an inspection, call 469-585-0234, email Info@ or visit

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