The Feng Shui Path to Happy Holidays

Article - Feng Shui -IntuitiveInterior-BeverlyBiehl-smaller size-Dodge-Cropped-adj150xLOby Beverly Biehl

Everyone likes to brighten up the family home for a special occasion. The holidays are a time when everyone stages their home because they typically want to impress visiting family and friends. Feng shui-savvy folks know that too much clutter can interfere with a happy and stress-free holiday experience.

During holidays, we fill our rooms with extra chairs to accommodate people, so an overabundance of decoration adds one more layer that can make the area feel closed in and claustrophobic. When family members feel crowded, they tend to become short-tempered and fault-finding. Create some open and uncluttered (yin) opportunities to provide soothing experiences.

Fall decorations often incorporate dried flowers. Dead flowers, from a feng shui perspective, lower energy and interfere with positive and productive energy. We can substitute soothing and calming seasonal nature colors of green and chocolate. Bring nature indoors with live foliage and flowers that reflect the season.

Christmas decorations are bright and shiny, full of yang intensity that increases the room’s energy. We also need balance. On a personal level, too little energy may lead to a sense of disappointment about a family gather- ing, but too much may lead to a feeling of barely con- tained chaos.

If the family is too quiet during holiday meals, increase the energy with light and sound. Eat earlier in the day, when natural light is bright, and play music that keeps the energy level high, but doesn’t distract from conversation. If the family is prone to arguing, keep everything low key and soothing. Eat later in the day and use candlelight, calm colors and soothing music.

The traditional Christmas colors of red and green can be problematic because red is the color of fire energy, and green represents wood energy. We all know that fire and wood can make a glorious bonfire, which is why adding touches of gold, silver or white (metal) will keep the festivities contained. Hannukah celebrations, with their medium blue (earth) and silver (metal) motifs are more balanced. Stars are very popular décor items, and as long as their points are not aimed at individuals during mealtimes or where they might be enjoying conversation, holiday visits will be filled with pleasant interactions, not sarcastic commentary.

Beverly Biehl is a BTB feng shui consultant and intuitive coach. She trained with His Holiness Grand Master Lin Yun, who is widely regarded as the founder of feng shui in the West. For more information, call 214-679-3498 or visit

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