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Feng Shui and Home Decor - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthWhether selling a home and doing all we can to improve the potential for a quick sale, or setting up our home for the most peaceful, balanced surroundings, color and natural elements are key. As we create each space, consider the way each room will be used and incorporate something from each of the elements in a balanced way.



Color is an easy way to bring the energy of each element into the space, and textiles and materials also help express the energy of each element. Here’s a quick list of a few ways to incorporate the energy of each element in the space.

  •  Wood: wood carvings, lush plants, wood frames, bamboo— green or brown tones
  •  Water: water features, mirrors, glass or flowing shapes or images—blue or black tones
  •  Earth: brick, tile or ceramic, crystals, stones; pictures of landscapes—earth tones
  •  Metal: metallic finishes, vases, frames, sculptures, wind chimes, metal colored pillows—white or grey tones
  •  Fire: colored candles or pillows, bright sunlight—bright yellow, orange or red tones

Owen is a realtor with REMAX. For more information, connect with her at 972-979-7640 or visit DarleneOwen.com.

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