Evaluating the Power of Yes

yes-1-adjby Kris Sands

Dr. George Henderson, at the University of Oklahoma once said, “If you never say ‘No,’ what is your ‘Yes’ worth?” Although we all feel stress, happy stress, meaning all the running around we do trying to make everything wonderful, can permeate our days. Also, there is the artificial drama created by those we love or tolerate—finding a parking spot at the mall is stressful enough.

Saying yes to every person, event or random request will wear us down to the bone and we end up cheating ourselves of the opportunity to be fully present and offer all our love and power. Something will fall through; more than once, probably, and that sabotages us even more because we allow guilt, or self-shame, to then linger in our lives, like company overstaying their welcome.

Our spirits are infinite and our bodies are mortal. The self-preserving use of “No” provides us with resources and time to recharge to be of service again. There is no need to reach utter fatigue and total exhaustion to prove Painting: Emanations of Yes by C. M. Rose we are worthy, or that we are being of service. The people that might test our boundaries or try to sabotage them are welcome to their emotions. We still love them and remain steadfast in our self care.

The more we take care of ourselves and shine, the more we have to give. Meditation, praying, going for a walk and listening to the conversation of birds, taking our inner child to a bookstore, singing at the top of our lungs and dancing while sweeping or cooking are examples of a useful opportunity for taking a deep breath and reminding ourselves how totally amazingly incredible we truly are.

When we do this, think of the example we set for our children and others we love—even total strangers. Imagine the impact we’ll make when we honor our magnificence and radiate it to everyone on the planet.

Kris Sands is the owner of Holistic Energy Practice, located inside the Star Coyote Sound Temple, in Plano, and a certified practitioner of Healing Touch. For more information, call 214-236-4037 or visit HolisticEnergyPractice.com.


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