EPA Partners with Universities to Reduce Food Waste

The U.S. Environmental Agency will partner with universities in Texas to reduce food waste as part of the EPA’s national Food Recovery Challenge (FRC). The goal is to limit the annual 34 million tons of food wasted nationwide by reducing unnecessary consumption and increasing composting and donations to charity.

Food accounts for 25 percent of all waste sent to landfills nationwide; more than any other single material. In addition to using landfill space and the energy needed for transport, food waste becomes a significant source of greenhouse gas by giving off methane as it decomposes.

By joining the FRC, participating schools pledge to reduce food waste by 5 percent in one year. Every university and college is invited to join the FRC, with the following institutions leading the way by already participating: University of Texas at Arlington; Baylor University—Waco, Texas; University of Texas at Austin; University of Houston; and Rice University—Houston, Texas

For more information on the Food Recovery Challenge, visit EPA.Gov/FoodRecoveryChallenge.

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