Enhance Well-Being with a Spring Cleanse

hb-spring-cleanse-25764221_xxl-adjby Ronit Mor

Although the body usually does a great job of dealing with harmful substances within and without, it is not invincible, and we should do all we can to give it some help with regular detoxification. Consuming an imbalanced diet or too much sugar, coffee, alcohol and nicotine, as well as not getting enough exercise, all influence our appearance and well-being negatively.

Traces of environmental toxins and contami- nants we ingest through food, water, air, clothing, household cleaning products and cosmetics without noticing it also put a strain on our metabolism as they deposit themselves in our cells and joints. Although naturally equipped with a liver, kidneys, intestine and lymph system to combat these toxins, if put under too much strain, our body is no longer capable of cleansing itself effectively.

There seems to be an abundance of confusing amount of information about detoxification, but historically, cleanse treatments have a tradition of several thousand of years in different cultures worldwide. By reducing our body toxicity, we are going to see not only short-term health benefits, but also long-term benefits in increased longevity.

Some of the benefits we may expect by following a well-planned, customized detox program, supervised by a physician or holistic practitioner, include ridding our body of excess waste, boosting our immune system, elevating our energy and vitality and promoting a balanced weight, healthier skin and hair and improved clarity and focus.

When we set the stage for well-being, we are going to improve all areas of our life, and we should see better relation- ships, better productivity at work and a newfound or renewed zest for life.

Ronit Mor is a naturopathic doctor, licensed aesthetician and owner of Ronit Mor Spa and Wellness, located at 6400 W. Plano Pkwy., in Plano. For more information, call 214-973-0482 or visit RonitMor.com.

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