EcoMaids North Dallas is an Innovator in Green Cleaning

EcoMaids provides eco-friendly cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout the Greater Dallas area. To them, green cleaning is more than just using products that are better for the environment and safe for the planet.

The EcoMaids proprietary Truly-Green cleaning system represents an underlying commitment to sustainable business practices and ecologically sound cleaning techniques. Strict use of environmentally–preferable cleaning products and equipment reduces risk to the environment while reducing the lifecycle environmental impact associated ith the manufacturing and disposal of those products.

Sustainable tools used to reduce waste and environmental impact include cleaning solutions that are all-natural and biodegradable; microfiber cleaning cloths and mop  ads that absorb up to seven times their weight in fluid and can be washed and reused hundreds of times without diminished effectiveness; cleaning tools made from post-consumer recycled content; and multi-level HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners that help improve indoor air quality.

The EcoMaids Truly-Green cleaning system is designed to create a healthier, safer environment for clients in a sustainable manner that minimizes environmental impact, while maximizing cleaning. Debunking the misconception that green cleaning doesn’t clean as well as conventional methods, the EcoMaids system deep-cleans homes and businesses, ridding them of chemicals to create a healthier indoor environment.

Taking an extra step, EcoMaids goes beyond sustainability in their cleaning process by using fuel-efficient vehicles and employing scheduling and dispatching processes that optimize driving routes and drive time; using high-efficiency Energy Star-qualified washing machines to reduce water and energy use; using 100 percent recycled paper for field and office needs; and by training employees in the most progressive green cleaning techniques, in addition to screening, bonding and insuring all employees, for  customers’ additional peace of mind.

For more info or to schedule an appointment, contact EcoMaids of North Dallas, TX at 214-382-2644 or visit

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