Eating Right for Women; Triangulating Women’s Nutrition, Health and Hormone Balance

Vibrant health can be a reality at any age, falling into five categories: nutrition, nerve function, movement and exercise, mental attitude and detoxification. Without balance in all of these categories, personal wellness cannot reach its full potential. Women need to address their own particular health concerns.

Nutrition is a key element of vibrant health, and even though advertising, blogs and conflicting advice all create a culture of uncertainty, it is still possible to sort through the hype and find what’s real. In fact, the key is real food. Male or female, young or old, we all need real, unprocessed, nutrientdense food. Real food looks much the way it occurs in nature, with the fewest number of ingredients and the least amount of processing.

Real foods are important because they have a delicate balance of nutrients that work together to maximize potential in our bodies.

Highly processing foods destroys many nutrients, only to add them back in synthetic form. Synthetic vitamins will never work in the body the way a whole nutrient will. For example, natural vitamin E is comprised of 11 different micronutrients, whereas synthetic vitamin E is only one-eleventh of what the natural form contains.

When women are considering supplements, it’s important to realize that most are synthetic versions of nutrients that nature makes, so choosing high quality, whole-food supplements is key. A few that are recommended on a regular basis, especially if you consume any processed foods, include fermented cod liver oil, a whole-food multivitamin, a trace mineral and a probiotic.

A key resource especially for women that are unhappy with their weight is to determine the specific nutrient ratio that’s best for a given body and metabolism type. Dr. Joseph Mercola offers a free online test ( that can determine if your body is better suited for a higher protein, higher complex carb or mixed nutrient type diet. Included in each is a recommended eating plan.

Women have a strong ability to affect the health of future generations through what they eat. The emerging field of epigenetics explores the role of our environment in whether we’re turning genes on or turning genes off. Rearch has uncovered that the way we live our lives and the choices we make about how we take care of our bodies determine whether or not we express “negative” genes, like breast cancer or obesity. It drives home the importance of a maternal diet that creates the environment that babies first develop into. Women can actually give their children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren a healthy head start by supplying their developing bodies with nutrients for optimal growth.

Many “modern” diseases have links to poor nutrition. Studies have shown that nutritional changes alone can significantly reduce risk for estrogenic cancers such as uterine, ovarian, cervical, prostate cancer and even head and neck cancer. A simple urine test can be performed to determine a woman’s risk for these estrogenic cancers and a qualified health professional can then recommend diet and wholefood supplement changes to reverse the “bad” to “good” estrogen ratios that lead to cancer.

Osteoporosis is another epidemic afflicting American women. We often associate bone health with calcium, but there are more important nutrients, including Omega-3 oils, vitamin D and vitamin K2 from dark green leafy vegetables. Traditional diets use bone stock as part of their everyday cooking because the broths are incredibly high in balanced nutrients and minerals that support healthy bones at any age. And don’t forget how important weight-bearing exercise is. Bone loss; even full blown osteoporosis, can be reversed by enhancing these key aspects.

Christy Porterfield and Jennifer Taylor, of Health-Works: A Creating Wellness Center, are practicing doctors of chiropractic in Plano and chapter leaders for Weston A. Price. For more information about healthy living for women, call 972-612-1800 or attend the upcoming workshop, Girl’s Night Out. See Calendar of Events for information about bimonthly Weston A. Price meetings and workshops.

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