Eat Fresh. Eat Local. It’s Easy.

There is a huge misconception that certified organic produce is the only way to get clean, healthy food, but there is also something we farmers’ markets like to call “homegrown” produce. We grow it without pesticides and it is not overgrown, genetically modified or gassed. To most people, this sounds just like organically grown produce, and that’s correct. The only difference is the high price tag that does not come with it.

The benefit of eating locally grown foods and homegrown produce is that they do not have a two-week span between picking to purchasing, sitting in a warehouse or an 18-wheeler for days, traveling from California to Texas or further. Buying locally means that you’re buying what is in season at that time. Peaches and nectarines are meant to be a summertime fruit. When we jump the gun and buy them in the middle of winter, this means that they may be coming out of places like Chile or other South American countries. This too, entails a higher price for importing and often yields a very poor-tasting fruit. By buying American, one can be certain that the produce was grown under strict U.S. regulations.

Our farmer’s market and the other 30 farmers markets in the DFW area try to give our customers the best quality produce that is out there, something that may be  overlooked by large corporations. Prepackaged foods are sure nice when you have 10 minutes to go in the front door and out the back, but can lack the quality of taste, and the preservatives in prepackaged foods are very hard to digest and can take a toll on our bodies over time. Eat fresh. Eat local. It’s easy.

Cameron Satterthwaite is the manager of Georgia’s Farmers Market, open year-round, in Plano, TX. For more information, call 972-516-4765.

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