Easier Access to Local, Farm-Fresh Foods

nb_Eden Natural Foods - Logo - Large image 600dpi-adjEden Natural Foods Co-op is making it easier for North Texans to eat healthy food straight from the farm. This unique family-run pickup service allows members online access to purchase directly from small, family-owned farms in north and east Texas. Then the Newman family, of Eden Natural Foods, makes the 200-mile-plus round-trip journey to pick up members’ food and make it available for pick-up at their location 15 minutes east of downtown Plano.

The products include dairy, yogurt, cheeses, eggs, poultry and more. There is a $20 one-time new membership sign-up that helps offset the cost of coolers and gas. Orders must be submitted online Tuesday through Sunday and are ready for pick up the following Friday or Sunday.

“The farms we work with are operated by health-conscious families who want to eat nutritionally rich, unprocessed and unadulterated food. These are farmers who know good food does not need to be enriched, fortified, irradiated or changed in any way,” says Neville Newman.

For more information, visit EdenNaturalFoods.com.

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