Dr. Yu First in DFW to Receive NUCCA Certification

Dr. Cecilia Yu, of Synergy Balance, in Dallas, has earned a level one certification from the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA), one of the most rigorous within the chiropractic community. She is the only certification candidate in the DFW area and one of only three in the state of Texas.

The main role of NUCCA is to evaluate for and correct postural and neurological imbalance, referred to as Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC). This unique form of chiropractic spinal health care uses a specific procedure focused on correcting a small misalignment of the upper neck, which ultimately restores optimal balance to the entire spinal column; addressing the head, atlas and cervical spine, contracted spinal musculature, postural distortion and short leg phenomena.

The NUCCA certification consists of three distinct levels of certification that must all be earned before a NUCCA doctor can become board certified and join a distinctive group of board certified NUCCA doctors, of which currently numbers only 26 in the world. The certification program focuses on in-depth chiropractic education, training and development including expanded proficiency in X-ray analysis, biomechanics, patient evaluation and gentle adjusting of the spine to reduce ASC. without forceful popping or cracking.

“Going through the process of certification has been strenuous and rewarding” says Dr. Yu. “For me it is part of the continual transition in my role as a NUCCA doctor in providing the ultimate in care and skill in helping restore balance and health of the body.”

Location: 12740 Hillcrest Rd., Ste. 138, Dallas. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 972-387-4700 or visit MySynergyBalance.com.

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