Dr. Precourt Offers Relief for Infant Rashes


Dr. Laura Precourt

Dr. Laura Precourt, PScD, owner of ReClaim Health, a concierge functional medicine practice in Plano, reports that infants and children suffering with eczema, psoriasis, hives and other skin rashes that were not responding to conventional medications, natural remedies, probiotics or even removing food allergens have made significant improvements when exposed to acupressure therapy in her office.

She says the typical case resolves within six to nine treatments, although each case and each patient is unique. Most children experience relief after the first visit. Precourt also says that adults with these symptoms can also benefit from the acupressure treatments, because the issues revolve more around the harshness of our environment, food choices we make and overmedication than the age of the patient.

Location: 2237 W. Parker Rd., Ste. F., Plano. For more information or a personal consultation, call 972-985-9355 or visit ReClaimHealthNow.com.

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