Dr. Marvin Sams: Dealing With Matters of the Brain

With more than four decades of experience in clinical and research in electroencephalography (EEG), or brain wave analysis, and functional neurology, it’s no surprise that Dr. Marvin Sams, founder of The Sams Center, in Plano, is considered an expert in dealing with matters of the brain. He began his career in the Navy, when he was given the opportunity to receive training in the field. From there, he moved on to esteemed research and clinical positions at Baylor University Medical Center, in Dallas, the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minnesota and the Ohio State University Hospitals, in Columbus, Ohio.

It was work that Sams loved, but he became increasingly frustrated that there was… “no good news in neurology,” as he puts it, and set out to make a change. He started with the invention of the ECI Electro-Cap, a unique EEG electrode system used in leading medical centers worldwide. The new system greatly improved electrode placement accuracy over standard methods, while reducing patient setup time from 30 minutes to five. It took him out of the disheartening aspect of neurology and gave him new purpose—one that would eventually lead to the revelation that problems with attention, learning, behavior and mood are not really abnormalities, but neurological inefficiencies—and set the stage for the founding of the Sams Center.

Sams explains that peak performance, chronic depression and anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD), learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), oppositional behavior and epilepsy all have one thing in common: each is created by the brain. Peak performance occurs when the brain is able to do a particular job in a highly efficient manner. If an individual is struggling with depression, autism or OCD, for example, it means the brain is neurologically dysfunctional in one or more working areas and doing its job poorly.

Sams admits that he didn’t always think this way. “For many years, I thought of peak performance as hard work and brain problems as diseases or disorders,” he explains. “It wasn’t until I started searching for an answer to a question I was having at the time, that I realized that compromised or restricted performance is simply an indicator that the brain is not functioning as it should. After working in the medical field for over 20 years and seeing enough suffering to last a lifetime, I decided to switch gears.”

He earned degrees in acupuncture, Oriental medicine and natural medicine. With his unique understanding of the normal, abnormal and superior functioning brain, the balancing and harmonizing principles of Oriental medicine and the understanding of the natural healing philosophies of naturopathy, he developed highly specific, effective neurofeedback and other neurological training processes.

Sams’ developed research which he calls NeuroMatrix Neural Efficiency Training, leads to rapid remediation and optimization of healthy brain function, helping create a higher quality of life and a new future, instead of a long-term disability. A primary feature of the NeuroMatrix Neural Efficiency Analysis is the Quantitative EEG (computerized brain wave analysis) that compares the patient’s brain wave patterning to a computer library of neurologically normal subjects. This allows an objective understanding of the specific neurological inefficiencies producing the symptoms. Follow-up quantitative EEG analyses document the progress.

“We call it training, not treatment, because we are teaching the brain to function at a much higher efficiency and do what it is supposed to do—heal and repair itself,” explains Sams. Once the training is complete, the symptoms— compromised attention, mood, memory or behavior—is significantly reduced or eliminated. “It is exciting, because we now have the opportunity to help people that had no real help before—and we’re doing it quickly and without drugs.”

NeuroMatrix also builds peak and elite athletic and academic performance by optimizing brain function. “We work with everyone from professional athletes to the weekend golfer. Because all performance begins and ends in the brain; when your brain does its job with greater ease and efficiency, your performance, by necessity, must also improve.”

Sams shows no signs of slowing down. “People’s lives change significantly because of this training,” he says. “Kids bloom and adults get their life back—that is inspirational and helps me keep doing what I’m doing.”

Location: 2301 Ohio Dr., Ste. 200, Plano. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 972-612-0160 or visit GreatBrain.com.

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