Dr. Karen Asbury, M.D.

Integrative Physician in Richardson

Integrative Physician in Richardson

Integrative physician Karen Asbury, M.D., says that many years ago she found that functional medicine was the way to restore normal healing and function to her own body. She has no desire to simply put a Band-Aid on problems with medications and then attempt to deal with their side effects and still not solve the initial illness.

Asbury says, “Many people have found this system of managed disease to be unsatisfactory and are turning to alternative care, including functional medicine, that will address the causes.” She notes that the specialty of integrative medicine is growing in momentum because of this desire in patients to have the best of conventional medicine combined with alternative care.

She sees functional medicine as an evolution in health care that addresses the causes of disease on the premise that the body is self-healing if it is given the necessary nutrients and toxins are removed. Her own experience has given her considerable insight into the complex chronic conditions that have become commonplace in the deteriorating health of our nation. “Our society is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of patients who suffer from complex, chronic diseases. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions and many more have become common in our families, friends and close acquaintances,” she states.

“With functional medicine, the patient is in more control of their own health, says Asbury. “They are able to take control of their health through lifestyle changes; some are as simple as dietary changes. Others may need a more complex program to restore health. This shift from a managed disease system to one that encompasses a whole total body approach is more patient-oriented and allows for more individualized therapy, and in my experience, has achieved much better overall results. It is extremely gratifying to watch patients improve their health and restore their quality of life.”

Dr. Karen Asbury, M.D., is located at 375 Municipal Dr., Ste. 120, in Richardson. For more information, call 972-479- 9139 or visit KarenAsburyMD.com

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