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A board-certified pediatrician for more than 20 years, Dr. Deborah Bain now practices functional, integrative pediatric medicine. She says, “In medical school, we were taught to diagnose and treat with medications, surgeries, therapies, etc. This approach is a ‘a pill for every ill’ style of managing the disease state, it is not focused on prevention or restoring health.”

Bain says, “After my own health battles, including nine neck and back surgeries, plus breast cancer in my 30s, I sought out additional, alternative training. I knew that if I could get well after cancer by paying attention to nutrients, detoxification and diet, then I could also reverse some of the most chronic diseases in childhood without the use of medications.”

She states, “The body gives warning signs way before disease can be diagnosed. Unfortunately, once things have progressed to a state where it is able to be diagnosed, it is often it is too late to reverse all the damage. The disease did not just appear. It came as a result of a predictable pattern of breakdown with a predictable outcome. So, rather than focus on managing sickness through prescribed protocols, I take the integrative approach that gets to the root of the problem before vague symptoms become a disease state.”

For more information, call at 972- 294-0808 or visit HealthyKidsPediatrics.com.

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