PROFILE: Dr. Alina Olteanu

Pediatric M.D., Holistic and Integrative Medicine Doctor and Owner of Whole Child Pediatrics of North Texas, in Frisco

Pediatric M.D., Holistic and Integrative Medicine Doctor and Owner of Whole Child Pediatrics of North Texas, in Frisco

Alina Olteanu started her career as a conventional allopathic pediatrician at a highly respected academic institution with a strong research background and a graduate degree in chemistry. At the time, she felt completely at home in the world of evidence-based, traditional medicine. Over time, however, she noticed that patients with chronic diseases like ADHD, depression, anxiety, asthma, allergies, eczema, multiple throat and ear infections and obesity were not improving as much as she would expect, so she started looking for different ways to help her patients.

This journey brought her to integrative medicine, mind-body medicine and functional medicine. “What I love about functional medicine is that it truly addresses the ‘why’ of a disease or constellation of symptoms, and it offers an organized way to decipher the clues that are bodies are giving us in order to restore us back to wholeness and wellness. It takes into account the unique way in which our individual biochemical and genetic background interacts with absolutely everything we are exposed to on a daily basis—the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the environmental toxins we absorb, the thoughts and emotion we experience and the people around us,” says Olteanu.

She believes it’s a perfect marriage with her personal belief in the healing power of listening to patients with love and without judgment. “No matter what kind of high-tech medicine we practice, patients are going to feel that something is missing if we don’t infuse the science of medicine with the high-touch art of loving kindness,” she explains.

Olteanu says, “Functional medicine is the medicine of the future, but it is not a new, miraculous medicine that makes everyone better overnight. Every single patient has a unique timeline, regardless of the treatment options we choose; most of all, true healing takes time and effort.”

She points out that a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry showed that omega-3 has an estimated effect 40 percent as strong as a psycho-stimulant like Ritalin. “However, in our modern American society, with the dietary options we have and possible social pressures, it can be hard to get a child to either eat fish on regular basis or even take a fish oil supplement, says Olteanu. “However, most families are more motivated, and can find a way if they see a functional lab result that shows that their child’s essential fatty acids levels are subopti- mal and they are committed to giving their child the best health possible.”

Whole Child Pediatrics of North Texas, will open in Feb., in Frisco. For more information, call 214-842-9510 or visit

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