Don’t Take Wellness for Granted

People have always trusted traditional medicine to care about their health and well-being, but that has drastically changed with the advent of managed care. The vested influence of the insurance companies and drug companies, with their focus on the financial bottom line, has forever changed the way medicine is practiced and the type of care patients receive.

Much of today’s medicine is done cookbook-style. The patient has a list of symptoms, a diagnosis is attached and the poor dear is given the so-called appropriate drugs.

Rarely does any doctor look for the root cause of a malady or acknowledge that the body is designed to be self-healing. The wonderful bodies we have are designed that way; all we have to do is give the body what it needs to reestablish balance and health.

Patients should learn to be proactive about their health, take charge and accept full responsibility for healing. No one has a deficiency of any drug, and drugs don’t heal; they usually just mask symptoms and cause side effects.

Take cholesterol, for example. It is just a modern myth to think that cholesterol is a bad guy or that your body would make anything bad. Cholesterol goes up when the body is trying to heal something. Concerning heart disease, cholesterol is not the cause. There is instead a common factor that raises both cholesterol and causes heart disease.

Statin drugs like Lipitor, Zocor and Pravachol that lower cholesterol have been associated with many problems including dementia, loss of libido and congestive heart failure just to name a few. To improve the balance of cholesterol, one must go back and correct the cause of the imbalance. Good nutrition and certain natural supplements can improve cholesterol levels without drugs. Those that value their brain and sexual function should avoid statin drugs. Take charge of medications and learn everything you can, because your health is up to you.

Karen Asbury, M.D., specializes in functional (integrative) medicine, in Plano. For more info, call 972-867-7790 or visit

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