Our DNA is Written in Pencil

ARTICLE - PIC - DNA in Pencil - Pixabay - dna-515990-adjby Ronit Mor

Spiritual teachers have believed for millennia that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This is now being scientifically tested. DNA is an amazing molecule and one of the great wonders of biology. During the 1990s, while western scientists focused on 5 percent of the DNA (ignoring the other 95 percent they deemed “junk”), a group of Russian scientists was formed to study the complete human genome because they refused to accept that such a huge majority of DNA could hold no research value. Comprised of biophysicists, molecular biologists, embryologists and even linguistic experts, this team was led by Dr. Pjotr Garjajev, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences in New York.

What they found was completely unexpected; that DNA sequencing follows the same basic rules and principles used in language formation: syntax, grammar, words and sentences. Thus, it is not inconceivable that DNA sequencing and the “language” of genes acts as a blueprint for speech development. Through the application of modulated radio and light frequencies, they successfully transmitted information patterns from one set of DNA to another. Eventually, they were even able to reprogram cells to another genome, transforming frog embryos into salamander embryos without lifting a single scalpel or making one incision.

Further scientific studies conducted in Europe, the U.S. and Canada, led by Carlo Ventura, M.D., Ph.D., Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Dr. Linda E. Carlson, and the Heart-Math Institute, claim that DNA may be reprogrammed by focused intention and epigenetic information using magnetic fields, sound vibration and even coherent water.

These groundbreaking amazing experiments with world-changing implications hold the promise that every person on the planet has the opportunity to become who they really are, with the ability to operate from and go for the highest possibilities, including healing our bodies and our culture and living in peace.

Ronit Mor is a naturopathic doctor and owner of Ronit Mor Spa and Wellness, located at 6400 W. Plano Pkwy., in Plano. For appointments, call 214-973-0482 or visit RonitMor.com.

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