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Starting in the early 1500s, cartographers, or mapmakers, began to embellish their work beyond the utility required for explorers and regular folks to get around. Decorative artwork graced the thick, hand-made paper sheets of commerce and were collected by royalty and landed gentry for their beauty. Today, antique maps are also of historical significance

as limited, irreplaceable creations that still resonate with collectors.

To accommodate everyone wanting to share in the fascinating world of maps, from individuals purchasing their first piece, to collectors, Paperhound, based in Frisco, has made the transition from a brick-and-mortar storefront to a digital online store. Paperhound.com offers an inventory of more than 2,300 antique maps, charts and prints dating from 1550 to 1850, including many Biblical prints that illustrate stories of the Old and New Testament.

Walt Edwards, executive director of online services, advises, “When looking for an antique map or print, it’s important to ask about identifying marks, like those of engraving method, color, plate mark, cartouche and paper, so as to verify the period of the piece and that it’s an original.” Because every piece is unique in its own way and has aged along the journey, if the product looks perfect, it’s probably a reproduction. “Just like any other antique, you want to make sure the antiquarian retailer guarantees the piece and is willing to provide supporting documentation,” he advises.

Edwards and his team have been working diligently to make sure their complete inventory is available in time for the holidays. “Maps and prints make a wonderful and unique gift that inspires one to learn about the original images or artists, history and geography,” he says. “The associations you can find between these beautiful images and recipient’s hobbies, interests, family history, religious affiliation or favorite travel destination are almost endless.”

As added assurance, “If a Paperhound customer isn’t pleased with their purchase, we will immediately refund their money upon return of the item, no questions asked,” says Edwards. “We want to make sure every customer is as pleased and excited with their purchase as we were when we originally purchased the piece ourselves.

For more information, call 469-322-9549 or visit Paperhound.com.

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