DFW Colon Care Complimentary 14-Day Detox Program

nb_DFW COLON CARE - TREATMENT ROOM - 20151202_154731-adjDFW Colon Care is offering a 14-Day Cleanse program with the purchase of three colon hydrotherapy sessions for $180 (25 percent off) for the month of January. Customers receive detailed instructions for each day of the cleanse program, and two of three colon hydrotherapy sessions must be used during the 14 days, with the third session available for use up to 30 days after the program. There is an optional three-day raw juice detox or lymphatic enhancement session, with referrals to preferred providers.

Start the new year off right by jump-starting those resolutions to get healthy, have more energy and the focus to fulfill personal goals over the next 12 months.

Location: 17810 Davenport Rd. Ste. 108, Dallas. For appointments, call 972-380-4845, or visit dfwColonCare.com.

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