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At the Dental Studio of Carrollton, Dr. Sandhya Krishan and Dr. Robert Limosnero take pride in providing personalized dentistry solutions that help patients achieve optimal oral health. From preventive and restorative care to cosmetic dentistry and periodontal care, the practice is not dedicated just to creating beautiful smiles, but also influencing how the health of patients’ teeth and gums can impact whole body health. For Krishan and Limosnero, it’s about making a difference and changing lives.

Krishan’s passion for dentistry began at an early age. Her mother was a dentist and although she passed away just before Krishan enrolled in dental school, she was—and still remains—her role model. “When my mother came to the United States from India, she had to go back to dental school in order to be licensed in this country,” she explains. “As a child, I wondered what was so great about it. Once she opened her practice, she loved it, and her passion was contagious. I began working for her in the seventh or eighth grade and I’ve never looked back. I wanted to be just like her.”

Although Limosnero didn’t always know he wanted to be a dentist, what he did know was he wanted a career in healthcare—the chance to make a positive impact on the life of another person. His parents, both psychiatrists, had always allowed him the luxury of finding his own way, so when he went off to college, he was faced with a decision between medical and dental school. Ultimately, he chose dentistry. “I realized that you could change a person’s life by changing their smile, and that’s what was important to me,” he explains.

The two met in a laboratory class at the University of Texas Dental Branch, in Houston. Students sat alphabetically, so a gentleman with the last name Lee only separated the two. As fate would have it, Lee left the class, leaving Krishan and Limosnero as lab partners. A fast friendship developed, despite their differences. Krishan was a selfdescribed “chatterbox,” and Limosnero was more serious and intense. “The relationship just worked; we played off of each other well,” notes Limosnero.

After initially going their separate ways after graduation, the two came back together in 2007 to launch the Dental Studio of Carrollton, a state-of-the-art facility that serves adults and children, including infants. “We offer a more conservative, preventative approach to dental care,” says Krishan. “Our goal is to educate our patients and explain why oral health is so important to overall health and wellness. We want people to understand why we do what we do.”

For example, if a patient comes in for a cleaning, but already has periodontal (gum) disease—a potentially dangerous condition, because the progression of the disease is often painless and can go undetected until it creates serious problems—a deep cleaning can’t and won’t be performed. “It’s like taking a shower with clothes on,” explains Limosnero. “We will explain the risks of gum disease, but we won’t perform a treatment simply because they are used to it. We will never sacrifice the health of an individual just to make a dollar.”

Limosnero adds that this educational element is one of the most crucial components of the practice. “We want to help people understand that options and alternatives do exist,” he notes. “Our explanations probably go beyond the norm, but it’s important to us to build a relationship of trust and understanding with our patients.”

The facility is equipped with advanced technology that includes digital X-rays, intra-oral cameras, diagnostic lasers and the Sapphire Plasma Arc Curing and Whitening Light system, which has been called the most beneficial, costeffective piece of equipment in dental practices today.

In addition to regular checkups, they proudly offer metal-free fillings and crowns, root canals, bridges, teeth whitening, dentures, ClearCorrect invisible braces and an innovative DNA appliance system that provides a natural way for the body to move teeth into their correct positions. “This is a non-invasive approach to growing the mouth,” explains Krishan. “Unlike braces, which are straightening the teeth, this device restructures the bone. It also effectively addresses issues such as sleep apnea and snoring in both adults and children without using surgery, drugs or injections.”

Their own passion for dentistry—and the lack of passion from those applying for positions at their practice—led to the opening of an in-house dental assisting school, the Chairside Dental Assisting School of Carrollton, in 2009. “We just felt that it had to start from the beginning,” states Limosnero. “We wanted to build a community of assistants that were as committed to dentistry and felt the same passion as we did. It wasn’t just about clocking in and out every day.”

For both, at the end of the day, their goal is simply to build the “dental I.Q.” of their patients. That means providing every patient with as much information as he or she is willing to take in. “We want them to be in an information gathering mode, and then they can use that information to make the best decision for their health,” she says. Knowing that they have done their best to lead patients down the path toward better health—toward making an impact in the lives of others—serves as inspiration to each of them.

“Life is simple to me and giving is simple,” Limosnero states. “As long as I can educate and teach, and if I can give somebody hope that it can be better, what I’m getting in return is 1,000 times better.”

Krishan says that she is grateful for the ability to make a positive difference. “It is amazing to look around and see how easily your energy can change those around you,” she says. “I get a kick out of seeing those smiles, and it makes me want to give more and do more every day.”

Dental Studio of Carrollton is located at 2005 W. Hebron Pkwy. , in Carrollton. For more information, call 972-395-0150 or visit

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