The Declutterbug; Bringing Peace into Chaotic Spaces

When her children were 2, 4, and 7, Anita Sisler and her husband, Steven, moved from Ocala, Florida, to Kingston, Massachusetts. They lived on the first level of a two-family home built in 1904. The home had a total of one closet. As if that weren’t challenging enough, Sisler was home-schooling and running her own pet-sitting business, and her husband was running his own company.

The family of five lived in the home for more than six years before purchasing a larger residence, but the experience taught Sisler to be extremely organized. “I had always loved helping people with tasks and getting in on the mess and cleaning it up. I learned to keep toys, clothes and school supplies minimized and clutter-free,” she says.

In June 2011, she and her family relocated to McKinney, Texas. Prior to the move, she knew she was going to retire the pet-sitting business that she loved, but was unsure of her next step. What she did know is that she wanted to be more involved with people on a one-on-one basis. For quite some time, she had considered beginning a new business of decluttering—she was already running into opportunities to help families without even trying. So, about a year after arriving in Texas, Sisler launched The Declutterbug to assist in the organization and decluttering of essential spaces, such as closets, attics, garages, playrooms, home offices, bedrooms and more.

“I knew that when people had clutter, it was always attached to something else,” she explains. “Maybe they are simply too busy, or it’s attached to some sort of trauma. No matter the reason, my goal is to unclutter hearts and minds so that individuals can free themselves of unnecessary stuff.”

As a personal organization specialist dedicated to building relationships, Sisler becomes a non-biased consultant that works side-by-side with clients to not only create order and maximize the function and beauty of a space, but also to understand the root cause of the problem that may have become too much to handle. “I don’t care how long or why they are in the position they are in—I am there to help, motivate and encourage—not to judge. Besides, we’ve all had those moments where things just pile up and it becomes overwhelming.”

Sisler realizes that some clutter is attached to fond memories, and it’s an emotional journey to walk through the process. For example, going through the  belongings of a loved one that has passed away can be quite difficult. Individuals may have a hard time giving up items, but having an objective point of view in the mix can make it easier. Sisler notes that she never forces someone to give something up if they aren’t ready—she finds a place for it.

In working with people, Sisler brings a sense of fun and energy that is appreciated by all. She says laughing with them and being silly is just one of the ways in which she puts her clients at ease. She’s also a natural cheerleader, always there to encourage and inspire people of all ages to stay clutter-free and facilitate positive lifestyle changes.

She works with individuals, families, children and teens. In the case of kids, she always involves them in the transformation of their space. “Children like to be a part of the process,” she states. “It gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride. They want to take care of it on their own and I give them the tools to do that.”

Once the job is done and systems are in place, she offers additional “clutter coaching” coming in to the home to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Each family is different, so her systems and tips are always individualized for each situation.

Sisler says the new business has expanded her life in every single way—from the people she has met to those she has helped. In fact, lending a hand to those in need is a top priority and an important part of giving back. “If I’m aware of a need for a family, I love to help them and give them a bright spot by donating my services,” she comments.

For instance, she was made aware of a single father that had just purchased a home and needed assistance with a room for his daughter that stayed with him every other weekend. Using her business and finding donations, she created a wonderful girl’s room.

“Although it’s challenging, this business has been everything I wanted it to be and more,” she says. “Working with my clients and seeing their joy at the completion of a project is beyond rewarding.”

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