Declutter Your Way to Peaceful Spaces

Clutter, like many things, can seem overwhelming at first glance. We tend to approach it with a “get it all done now” attitude, when we really only need to tackle one thing at a time, no matter how large or small the project.

For example, a playroom could be divided into sections, or by things with similar characteristics, like all the stuffed animals. Decide on two to four favorites per child

and donate the rest. Legos might be the next thing to conquer, and then keep on going.

If your children are in a transitional phase between preschool and elementary school, or elementary and middle school, that’s the perfect time to purge. Kids may be attached to certain toys and books, so you could suggest taking a photo of the child with the stuffed animals being donated or photograph a favorite toy and have them write a fond memory about it—then add it to a scrapbook or frame it. This is a great way to make a child feel like they’re a part of the process, instead of feeling that their personal things are being taken away.

In your personal spaces, such as offices and nooks, begin by imagining what function that space should serve, such as for projects, office work or reading. First, eliminate what is absolutely unnecessary in that space. Secondly, eliminate any excess books, magazines, paperwork and knickknacks. Have boxes and trash bags for this process. A friend may be helpful to stay on task and be decisive.

Lastly, organize the space with those items deemed useful, which inspire and make you smile. Think outside the box for organizing items, such as lovely containers for storing files, or an antique toaster stand for sorting mail. As we declutter, peace will enter those spaces and we can enjoy the rewards of an organized and smooth-running home.

Anita Sisler is a personal organization specialist and owner of The Declutterbug, serving the North Texas area. For more information, call 339-832-1220 or visit

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