The Dallas Gluten-Free & Allergen Friendly Expo

GFAF-EXPOLive Life Free of Restrictions

The Dallas Gluten Free  Allergen Friendly (GFAF) Expo will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., September 10 and 11, at the Dallas Market Hall-North Hall. The event is community-based and fun for the entire family. Attendees can sample and purchase hundreds of products and have the opportunity to meet with local and national brand representatives, receive coupons and attend informative presentations by top-notch speakers. While all products at the Expo are gluten-free, many are also free from all the top eight allergens. There is also a dedicated nut-free section.

For those that aren’t gluten-free, the Expo is a place to try new foods and take some amazing health-related classes. People are frequently surprised at the quality of the gluten-free food options today; they no longer taste like cardboard and are finally more nutritious.

CEO Jen Cafferty says, “Our goal is for attendees to realize that there are many options available to them today while living a gluten-free lifestyle. Whether it be food choices or healthcare options, they should leave knowing that they have lots of options available to them today.”

Cafferty says she strives to connect gluten-free brands to consumers in ways that help everyone live a better lifestyle. She is also a certified health coach and chef, and frequently teaches lifestyle classes, writes articles and collaborates on gluten-free projects. She says, “Almost 10 years ago, I realized that there were very few places you could go to learn about living a gluten-free lifestyle. I started the events so people could take classes and learn about all the products available to them in the marketplace. The event has turned into a place where you can become educated, sample and purchase products and meet other folks living the same lifestyle.”

The GFAF Expo started in 2007 and has expanded from one to seven cities throughout the U.S.. The mission of the expo is dedicated to meeting the needs of the celiac community, those with gluten and food sensitivities, autoimmune/inflammatory diseases and autism and for those living a gluten-free or allergen-friendly lifestyle.

Tickets are available online at or at the door for $15 adult and $5 child. Location: 2200 Stemmons Fwy., Dallas (from off Market Center Blvd.). For more information, call 214-655-6100 or 214- 744-7444, or visit

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