Cowtown is Our Kind of Town

nb_cowtown_start-adjThe 30th annual Cowtown Marathon, the largest multi-event in North Texas, will be held from February 24 through 26 at Will Rogers Memorial Center, in Fort Worth. Last year, more than 24,000 runners participating in six different distance races. The Elite Challenge offers $20,000 in prize money.

“In the first year of the Cowtown Elite Program, we focused on the marathon, and in the second year, we focused the program on the half marathon, bringing records down in both distances. In the third year, we added prizes for the top finishers as well as everyone who bettered previous course records in those distances,” says Heidi Swartz, executive director of the Cowtown. “For 2017, we want to offer more people the opportunity to win prize money.”

For more information, call 817-207-0224. To register, visit

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