Connecting With the Earth, Barefoot-Style

Going barefoot, also known as grounding, or earthing, is “the most primitive, easiest and cheapest way of creating optimum health,” according to educator Dr. Stephen Sinatra, of the Heart MD Institute and author of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

From a healing perspective, grounding refers to connecting with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth. Before man invented sandals, we were connected to the earth below via bare feet,

oblivious to the subtle electrical signals helping to regulate the bodies’ intricate mechanisms with which we evolved. Today, many of us are separated from the earth’s healing force by insulating, rubber-soled shoes.

Our cells resonate to specific frequencies and are in continuous transmission and receipt of energy. Our heart’s rhythmic beat, nervous, immune system and muscular systems all use electrical impulses to regulate the movement of nutrients and water through the cells. When we are not grounded, our bodies are susceptible to all kinds of shocks—mental, emotional and physical. We need to be able to release our tensions and charges, lest we become unbalanced and damage our nervous system.

The earth balances and relaxes us. There is nothing better than walking on the beach and feeling the sand between your toes or walking in the woods and feeling the moss under your feet. Even today’s long-distance runners are discovering the benefits of running barefoot again. Shoes give our feet neither the flexibility nor exercise that they need, which can cause all kinds of issues in the musculoskeletal system. Set aside the shoes and get grounded. Learn to love walking around on bare feet again and feel the difference.

Johanna Oosterwijk, ND, owns Shambhala Wellness, in Denton. For more information, call 940-380-8728 or visit

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