Combining the Best of Eastern and Western Medicine for Treating Kids

Dr Bain NADF-RezdUp-nov2012Deborah Z. Bain, M.D., FAAP, is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, an Institute for Functional Medicine certified practitioner and owner of Healthy Kids Pediatrics, in Frisco. In her practice, she embraces the message of health and wellness to bridge the gap between alternative and traditional approaches to medical treatment.

Bain states, “We focus on teaching principles of good nutrition and prevention of disease, as well as offering a wide range of services not found in most traditional medical offices. We use specialized testing to determine nutritional deficiencies, allergies, sensitivities to food and environment, toxic burden and more which are not offered in traditional medical practices to create a unique program that helps restore and optimize your child’s health.”

Healthy Kids Pediatrics is a functional medicine and wellness center that offers a unique approach to healing and fully restoring children’s health by identifying the root problem behind such chronic diseases as asthma, eczema, allergies, ADHD, autism and autoimmune disease.

“Children today suffer from more chronic medical illnesses than ever before,” says Bain. “They are medically managed with medications and treatment protocols that often have moderate to severe side effects and do not lead the patient any closer to being cured.”

Utilizing functional medicine, Bain offers a new approach to management and prevention of chronic disease that embodies the art and science of medicine. It integrates what we know about how the human body works with patientcentered, science-based care. Functional medicine addresses the causes of chronic disease, which are rooted in lifestyle choices, environmental exposures and genetic influences.

“Our goal is to use many modalities to get to the root of your child’s health problems,” says Bain. “Western medicine does not have all the answers and neither does Eastern medicine, but by combining different traditional and nontraditional testing approaches, we come much closer to determining how to optimize your child’s health. My passion is to optimize children’s health through partnership with parents who believe in a holistic, integrative approach to medical care.”

As a pediatrician for 20 years, Bain observes, “I have seen the tremendous increase in chronic disease in our youth. As a board certified pediatrician and an integrative functional medicine certified practitioner, I have specialized knowledge to address these chronic conditions in a unique way that can get to the root of the health breakdown. Functional medicine certification has given me insight into the chronic, complex diseases children face and equipped me with tools to make a difference in restoring their health.”

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