Circle N Dairy Farm Tours Available

Circle N Family Dairy offers tours of their farm that include learning about the crops they raise; how the cows are fed and what their diets consist of to produce top-quality milk; how the cows are taken care of; and the opportunity to observe the milking parlor to see how milking is done.


Bottle-feeding the baby calves is a great experience for both children and adults, and those participating in the tour get to try it firsthand. Conservation methods such as recycling water and composting are an important consideration at Circle N Dairy.

Tours are conducted by appointment only and are available Monday through Saturday year round as weather permits. Tour price is $5 per person age 2 and up, which also includes milk samples for everyone and treat bags for children. There are accommodations to bring a picnic lunch along for family or group tours.

 Location: 2074 CR 446, Gainesville. To arrange a tour, call Michelle at 940-372-0343 or visit

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