Chiropractor Endorses New Wash Basins

778a947cf6492afc340ee311fbb58d6aTraditional hair-wash basins at salons haven’t changed in decades, but as part of her commitment to beauty and whole body health, Karrie “KP” Peterson, owner of Hair Color Studios, in Frisco, is revolutionizing the hair-washing experience by investing in clients’ health and safety. She’s installed wash basins with a special headrest built inside the bowl and ergonomically designed reclined seats so the client is comfortable, and more importantly, their upper spine is never in a risky position. “My salon is about beauty and health; we use natural hair color and even serve purified water. I don’t want to have wash basins that are unhealthy!”

Chiropractor Amy St. John, owner of Serendipity Health & Wellness, in Plano, says, “These bowls are revolutionary. It is critical to keep the cervical area of the spine protected and aligned. A typical salon bowl has the neck extended over the rim of the bowl putting pressure on nerves and other vital structures. Keeping the client in this position can result in anything from discomfort, to headache and even gravely worse symptoms, especially for elderly or those with previous cervical injuries. The bowls at Hair Color Studios prevent that by supporting the head and eliminating the over extension of the neck. I highly recommend them.”

Peterson says the bowls are also ergonomically better for the stylist, too. Because it is freestanding, the stylist stands directly behind the bowl, providing a much more comfortable and efficient working space. Because the stylist is behind the bowl, the client doesn’t have to deal with the stylist stretching over their face to work.

Hair Color Studios is located in the Sprouts shopping center, at Preston and Lebanon roads, in Frisco. For appointments, call 214- 436-4955. For more information, visit

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