Charlotte Rose Facilitates BraveHeart Women Ripples

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Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose, owner of ahhhMazing Life & Wellness, in Wylie, and facilitator of the local BraveHeart Women Ripples events, says, “Ripples are about shifting the mindset of women from one of over-giving to an overflowing lifestyle and mindset.” Ripple events are held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on the 11th day of each month. “This Braveheart Women Celebration is fun and enriching, including DYBO (Dance Your Buts Off) movements, a variation on the Harmony Circle, as well as conversation and connecting with the BraveHeart Women Community,” says Rose.

“A Ripple is that one day of the month a woman can set aside as hers to receive, regardless of the circumstance and the challenges of her path, and no matter what else she has going on in her life,” says Rose. “That one day of the month is about her commitment to her highest self and will be the space in which a woman gets to dive into the ripple of ease where we fully blossom.”

Admission free and donations are accepted. RSVP to obtain location by calling Rose at 214-282-9058 or visiting

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