Celebrate a Consciously Connected Christmas

article-holiday-darlene-owen-shutterstock_162785369-adjby Darlene Owen

The holiday season may seem to have turned into a long list of to-dos, so this year however, we can choose to make a very different kind of list: a to-be list. Each day in December, take time to be grateful in a very conscious way at a specific time to consciously reflect on the blessings in our lives and give thanks.

We can also be generous with our words, smiles and time. Speak freely and give encouraging words or a simple heartfelt smile, whether in line at the grocery store, in the neighborhood or even in a busy parking lot. We might offer our time in relationships and focus on being present in the moment. Make it a priority to stay on the telephone for just a bit longer and give quality time to our loved ones. Make a special effort to let friends, family and those that help make our lives know how much they mean to us.

Be grounded. Instead of letting our heads swirl with all the things we need to buy, decorate, wrap, mail and deliver, between tasks consciously take a moment to feel our feet connect to the earth. A house is just a structure, but a home is what we make of it, and the emotional energy we exude has a great effect on making our home feel warm, welcoming, celebratory and peaceful. Taking time to work on this to be list can help put us in a place where we are exuding the emotional energy we want to impart to others and radiate in our homes.

Darlene Owen is a real estate agent with Remax, specializing in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney and Garland areas. For more information, call 972-979-7640 or visit DarleneOwen.com.

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