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eco-friendly-home-decor-1a2034deRelax into Nurturing Furnishings

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Natural Solutions for Common Skin Issues

article-skin-gracia-pixabay-massage-therapy-1612308-adjby Rebeca Gracia

Skin disorders and sensitivities are a daily ongoing occurrence for millions of people. These conditions are not only unsightly, but can cause significant discomfort. Common skin conditions such as acne, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis can be caused by specific triggers and can therefore be minimized or avoided altogether.  Continue Reading

Holistic Dermatology

holistic-dermatology-24467796Inner Health, Radiant Skin

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A Gorgeously Greener Holiday

green-holiday-decorations-ac251a4aFresh Thinking About Décor


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Registration Now Open: Texas Master Naturalists Certification Course

article-master-naturalist-logo_largeRegistration now open.


———- Texas Master Naturalists Certification – Wednesdays, Feb 8-May 3. 6-9pm. Become a certified master naturalists. Training includes a min of 40 hrs of instruction via classroom sessions and field trips. Instructors are local experts. Classes cover ecology, ornithology, herpetology, meteorology and more. The Heard Museum, Science Center, 1 Science Pl, McKinney. For more info & application:  


One-Person Pamper Party

natural-pampering-1dfb2807Natural Ways to Refresh and Renew

by April Thompson

Pampering ourselves isn’t a luxury so much as a necessity to refresh and renew mind, body and spirit.

A Spa Specialty

Spas have been synonymous with pampering throughout the ages. “Every civilization around the world has had some kind of communal gathering place for people to practice ‘self-healing’,” says Jeremy McCarthy, group director of Spa & Wellness for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group and author of The Psychology of Spas & Wellbeing.

From ancient Greek bathhouses to Japan’s beloved natural hot springs, spas have long served as sacred places of healing and restoration. Indeed, many treatments provided at today’s eco-spas draw inspiration from traditional uses of herbs, honey and olive oil to care for skin and hair.

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Planet-Friendly and Profitable

ecopreneurs-94ba1da0BY: AVERY MACK

The Rise of Ecopreneurs

The Garden Cure

Healing-Gardens-a9a45ab0Natural Sanctuaries Heal Body and Spirit


Female-Gardening-65381001Female Farmers Come of Age

More women are becoming farmers, bringing with them a passion for producing organic and sustainably raised fare and transforming America’s food system. The U.S. Census of Agriculture reports that their numbers rose by more than 20 percent between 2002 and 2012, to 288,264.

Historic Roots

“Women have played an integral role in farming for centuries, but in the last 100 years they’ve started to self-organize and be recognized for their important work,” says University of California garden historian Rose Hayden-Smith, Ph.D., author of Sowing the Seeds of Victory: American Gardening Programs of World War I and editor of the UC Food Observer. “During that war, the Women’s Land Army of America, a female-led initiative, recruited nearly 20,000 mostly middle-class urban and suburban women to enter the agricultural sector as wage laborers at farms, dairies and canneries, often in rural areas, where farmers urgently needed help while the male labor force was off fighting.”

Women also helped feed Americans during the Victory Garden era of World War II. “It’s also estimated that more than 40 percent of fruits and vegetables consumed on the American home front then were grown in school, home, community and workplace gardens,” says Hayden-Smith, possibly resulting in America’s highest period of produce consumption ever. Read More

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