Conscious Eating

Brain Development Linked to Nutrition

It’s no secret that the typical American diet is taking a toll on the health of our families. While there has been a lot of emphasis on the rising rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, there has been relatively little discussion of how poor eating habits jeopardize the development of healthy brains.

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The Better Brain Diet; Eat Right to Stay Sharp

With 5.4 million Americans already living with Alzheimer’s disease, one in five suffering from mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and the 2012 failure of several targeted pharmaceutical drug trials, many brain health experts are now focusing on food as a critical defense against dementia.

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Sugar Monster; How Sweet It Isn’t

"Am I a sugar addict?" There's an easy way to tell. If you have to ask yourself, you are,” advises Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a renowned integrative physician in Kona, Hawaii, and author of Beat Sugar Addiction Now!

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Gluten-Free Baking; The Scoop on Safe-to-Eat Flours

Gluten, the protein in wheat and other cereal grains such as barley and rye, can be a problem for those with celiac disease or some sensitivity to gluten. Preparing food for a gluten-free diet requires experimenting with new ingredients, like alternative flours, and becoming a label reader, says Tina Turbin, an advocate

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