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by Gina Marie Cronin

Dr. Robyn Abramczyk

Dr. Robyn Abramczyk

Robyn Abramczyk, DDS, is a general dentist who utilizes a biological, or integrative approach in her practice at Smile Ranch Dentistry, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. While implementing her comprehensive knowledge gained in allopathic dental school, she also educates her patients about holistic approaches to optimal oral health and is accredited through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, a member of the Holistic Dental Association as well as of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.

Smile Ranch Dentistry takes every measure to ensure their patients are educated and at feel at ease. Abramczyk and her dental team invests time each visit to discuss issues, diagnosis, treatment options, diet and supplementation. “Ninety-nine percent of Americans are deficient in minerals,” notes Abramczyk, which can contribzute to demineralization of the teeth. By looking at the whole being, a higher standard of dental health can be attained.

Tension melts away in the spa-like ambiance, replete with geranium, lavender and rosewood essential oil diffusers, lavender infused towelettes, an organic fruit and vegetable juicer or kefir and a massage therapist for patients that are feeling anxious. There is also a library of educational videos available for viewing.

Smile Ranch Dentistry serves patients of all ages and can do everything from general checkups to fillings using biocompatible materials and porcelain crowns and bridges. Patients can brush with fluoride-free mineral toothpaste, try coconut oil pulling or activated charcoal; all of which help safely and effectively clean the mouth. Due to distressing memories of the dentist’s office from her childhood, Abramczyk has created a calming atmosphere that patients can enjoy.

“Many different products and restorative materials that are used in a patient’s mouth can be potentially toxic or lack biocompatibility,” Abramcyzk explains, “We offer a biocompatibility test to determine what materials can be tolerated. This is especially important for those with an autoimmune disease or weak immune system.”

Biological procedures are completed with materials that are safe, effective and suitable for 99 percent of patients. At mainstream offices, crowns often contain nickel and lead, while fillings may contain mercury; all three of which are known carcinogens, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In fact, Abramczyk recalls, “Fifty percent of dentists still place and remove amalgam fillings without any safety protocol, which exposes the patient, staff and doctor to toxins that exceed the EPA safety standards of the safe level of mercury inhalation by 3,000 times and OSHA, 80 times.” Abramcyzk is known for her safe removal of amalgam fillings using protocols of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.

Another frequent procedure is a dental frenectomy for lip-tied or tongue-tied babies, in order to relieve tethered tissues, and Abramcyzk is a member of the International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals. This common issue, if untreated, can cause difficulty breastfeeding and dental, digestive, speech, and most important, airway and / or breathing problems. Laser dentistry is also available, and all hygienists on staff are laser certified. Abramcyzk recommends homeopathic remedies, when appropriate, and encourages her patients to be involved in preventative measures and natural healing processes, but will prescribe antibiotics as needed.

Abramczyk is inspired by the research of Weston Price and the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation; particularly the studies on tribal civilizations that eat a wholesome and pure diet straight from the earth. Despite the populations not flossing, brushing, or using fluoride (a known neurotoxin), optimal dental hygiene is maintained by an organic, chemical- free lifestyle. She believes that the studies illustrate the impor- tance of clean dietary choices in regard to dental health.

Abramcyzk loves working with her patients, which she describes as educated, aware and full of vitality. She says, ”Look at the big picture and not only focus on your teeth, but your health as a whole.”

For appointments, call 972-772- 7645 or visit SmileRanchDentistry. com.

Pre-Injury Brain Test Can Aid in Post-Injury Healing

BP-InteractiveMetronome-ReadingExercise-20140708_115803-adjThe Get Your Head In the Game (GHG), Interactive Metronome (IM) training center helps clients of all ages that are feeling behind or want to perform better in school, on the job, at home, on the sports field or even in social situations. In use since 1994 to help students with learning challenges, it was discovered by sports trainers, educators, physical, occupational and speech therapists and other brain-body, performance-focused businesses to help their clients.

According to Robin Bollinger, owner of GHG, notable sports entities that have used IM include PGA golfers Tiger Woods, Glen Day and Vijay Singh; NFL and collegiate Football players and trainers from the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears and Notre Dame, plus NBA basketball players from the Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns.

IM training is a program created to test and train the brain-body to maximize speed, balance, agility, coordination, concentration and the rate at which information is processed during a conversation or other thought-related situations. It can also help the brain and body build new pathways and workarounds after an injury.

During testing and training, GHG training center uses specialized hardware held in the hands or touching the feet, and computer software signals the client to take a particular action. Sessions involve hand, body and foot responses to visual and sound stimuli (often including special background noise and audio distractions that must be ignored). With repetition, the IM system gathers data and strengthens pathways throughout the brain-body network, working different sides to embed lasting results.

In addition to helping improve performance, Bollinger says, “IM is a wonderful tool to have in the event of concussion or other brain trauma. Without such a pre-injury report, doctors, parents and patients have no quantifiable way to note the degree of damage to processing centers and pathways nor to gauge the degree of recovery. IM training not only trains the brain-body by measuring responses, but during training, it is able to measure and record the rate to which the brain-body corrects after missing a cue. This measurement is very valuable in helping trainers understand where addition- al work is needed.”

While IM is most often associated with physical and mental the im- provement, it also gives athletes, students and adults improved concentration, self-control, physical speed and agility, Bollinger notes that IM has also had great success with individuals recovering from TBI and stroke.

For more information or to schedule an assessment, call Robin Bollinger at 214-693-9601.

Meditation for Busy People Via Skype

BP-Dr Alina Olteanu - NA_Pics2-adj150xLOby Charles Lewis

Chopra Center Certified Instructor Alina Olteanu, M.D., Ph.D., owner of Meditate With Alina, in Plano, has been teaching meditation lessons and stress reduction techniques online for three years. She has been practicing medicine since 1998 and a pediatrician since 2004, chose to specialize in integrative medicine, and graduated from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, founded by Dr Andrew Weil, in 2013. She holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hawaiian Huna practitioner.

Olteanu states, “Meditation is an ancient technique that may solve many of our modern, stress-induced problems, and I know its effects firsthand. Practic- ing even just a few minutes a day can induce a relaxation response, which can help reduce anxiety and manage stress, lower your blood pressure, enhance your sleep patterns, awaken your intuition, become less judgmental, improve relationships, create inner peace and connect to spirit.”

She has vast experience with the devastating effects of chronic stress on not just her own physical health, but on her emotional and mental health, as well. “I am a physician who believes in the mind-body-spirit connection, and I teach meditation to busy people as a tool to connect with all aspects of their existence and as a method for better health and well-being,” says Olteanu.

While working long hours through medical school, graduate school, residency and her fellowship training, she began noticing her health deteriorating and her life spiraling out of control. Seeking something to help, Olteanu began a 15-year journey in search of more peace, harmony and balance in her life, and says that she knows that meditation literally saved her life and improved all aspects of her health and relationships. It was this journey and her discovery as to the powerful and positive effects meditation has on our physical and emotional being that has lead her to add meditation instructor to her long list of achievements and academic studies.

BS - ALINA OLTEANU Peaceful Meditation-adj150xLOOlteanu says, “Many are searching for a more calm way to deal with life’s constant stimulation, and meditation is the perfect antidote to stress, by switching the body’s stressful reaction to a more peaceful, healthier one in just few minutes.”

Her primary meditation technique is Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM), which she learned at the Chopra Center. Instead of forcing the mind to be quiet, PSM teaches the mind to go beyond thought and into the silence that is within us; even in busy, bustling, noisy spaces.

By learning PSM and receiving their own personal mantra, based on mathematical Vedic formulas and repeated silently, Olteanu’s clients are able to discretely take a few minutes for themselves to meditate and de-stress wherever they are, whether on a plane, in a hotel room, in a hospital or while the kids are napping. Even better, Olteanu says, “My approach is unique in a sense that my students can learn how to meditate with a personal mantra in one session from the comfort of their own home.”

In conjunction with meditation, Olteanu also employs breathing techniques, balancing chakras energies and other types of meditation techniques to help clients create a complete meditation routine for self-care and stress management. “Skype has been a huge benefit to my clients,” she says. “Whether traveling across town or across the country, coming to me for instruction just seemed unnecessary in most cases. My clients can access me from a hotel in China or an airport in Los Angeles—anywhere they can get Wi-Fi connection!”

Sessions are $150; clients can learn to meditate in one session or choose to deepen their practice with ongoing support. For more information, call 214-842-9510 or visit

A World of Energetic Sound Healing Provides Unique Potential

BP - SACRED SOUND - JODI - StarCoyoteSoundTemple60-adj

Jodi Roberts

by Martin Miron

Jodi Roberts, owner of Sacred Inspiration, began her career as a sound healer with a degree in cultural anthropology, trained in cross-cultural, nature-based ceremony and healing, with a minor in women’s studies sociology and extensive training in play therapy, ropes courses, psychodrama workshops, group dynamics, Zen meditation, sound healing, shamanism and inner child work.

She says, “Sound has long been used as a tool to affect change. The most common, well-known use of sound is for meditation or relaxation, but sound is also used on the other end of the spectrum to pump up athletes and warriors. Music such as anthems and fight songs are regularly used to bring people together, align their intentions and to create a state of oneness.”

Intending to go to law school, Robert’s health issues instead took her on a path of searching for healing, and after years of healing studies, she was lead to investigate and study sound as a way of affecting positive change on the human body and soul. Roberts was the first sound healing/meditation specialist for the military at the Ft. Hood Army Warrior Combat Stress RESET Program in Killeen, Texas.

“Sound healing is intended to bring the body, mind, spirit and emotions into harmony,” says Roberts. “To many of the indigenous people on the planet, health is a balance of these four aspects of the human experience.” In her practice, she utilizes circular representation of life and reality that are used in many cultures: the medicine wheel, the Celtic spirit wheel and Eastern mandalas. After determining a client’s state of balance and place on the wheel, Roberts speaks with them about their spiritual body (east), emotional body (south), physical body (west) and mental body (north).

“Growing up, I never was musical, and I certainly didn’t consider myself an artist; however through getting out of my head and connecting more with my heart, I was able to master the ability to elicit beautiful sounds from Tibetan bowls and gongs,” she notes. Roberts uses sounds to help clear stress and anxiety that interfere with our nervous system, allowing the body to heal itself as it was designed to do, potentially transforming lives.

Roberts incorporates sounds into many different services: Sound Sessions with Tibetan bowls, gongs and guided imagery, Inner Child work and Shadow transformation, telephone and long- distance energy sessions, chakra clearing and balancing, shamanic and energy sessions and couples and family sessions.

Sound sessions are conducted either in a gong chamber, where a message table is surrounded by the larger instruments, or in the healing room, equipped with crystal and metal bowls. Roberts weaves layers of music with her own recorded CDs (available on her website) and her own live performance. Group events usually run 90 minutes, including 60 minutes of musical meditation and journey with time before and after for intention, teaching and speaking about experiences, if desired. These cost $25 to $30 and include light snacks and tea to reground.

The private sessions are 60 ($111) to 90 ($165) minutes, and the clients are given suggestions for continuing the work at home, often accompanied by instructional handouts. In all the ses- sions, the sound of the different bowls vibrates through the body, resulting in a sensation of peace, and deep relaxation.

Roberts’ clientele has grown over the last 29 years, and she works with people of all religious traditions locally and across the country. In addition to sound work, her experience and expertise in spiritual counseling allows her to offer sessions by phone or in person for shamanic/spiritual intensives, private shamanic sound sessions, Inner Child and trauma work.

Sacred Inspiration is located in the Star Coyote Sound Temple, in Plano. For more information, call 469-344-6484 or visit

Massage space

BB - LOGO - NEW - MASSAGE SPACE - FullSizeRender-adj

Getting Its Own Facelift

by Martin Miron

Anatoly and Lena Kolmakov have been operating Massage Space Spa, in Plano, for eight years with a passion for the heath and beauty industry and helping people feel their absolute best. Anatoly, a licensed massage therapist, has more than 25 years of experience as a massage and physical therapist that began in his native Russia. When he came to the states, owning his own practice was the ultimate goal.

The couple recently remodeled the interior of the spa and is upgrading their customer service procedures to be more more friendly and convenient, including easy-to-use website features and online booking. A better, updated client Wellness Program will also follow later in the year. New services at the spa include top-of-the-line aesthetic treatments using Circadia and Dermalogica skincare products, as well as expert, high-quality waxing services. They now carry Doterra Essential Oils and provide AromaTouch Technique, as well. Massages, facials, waxing and company chair events range from $45 to $100.

BB -MassageSpace-2014-Jan-NANTX_8505Massage Space-1-adjLena advises that to maintain healthy skin turnover, keep skin well balanced and hydrated, everyone should see an aesthetician at least once a month. “An aesthetician is a skin’s best friend! They can offer guidance, provide tons of information and completely customize services such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion for everyone’s specific skin issues and skin type.”

As holistic health and beauty ways become more common, busy and stressed adults are most interested in the flexible services of Massage Space Spa. “Our clients really come from all backgrounds, because people of all ages really care about their health,” says Anatoly. “We love to take care of them, and show them how easy it is to de-BB-MassageSpace-2014-Jan-NANTX_8505Massage Space-13-adjstress!”

Because the spa is family owned, the Kolmakovs really cater to their clients. “We get to know them on a first-name basis and remember special things about them and their families. We make sure everyone is well taken care of. Most of our staff has been with us since we opened back in 2007!” says Anatoly. “We provide fun and highly informative monthly classes to further help our clients learn more about holistic ways to heal the body and take care of themselves!”

Massage Space Spa is located at 7000 Independence Pkwy., in Plano. For appointments, call 972-612-5363 or visit See ads, pages 7 and 28.


CS-SpaviaDaySpa-Facial-Curves-RZd-IMG_2844-adjAffordable Massage in West Plano
by: Julie Reynolds

Enjoying the many health benefits associated with massage should be something everyone can regularly enjoy without breaking the bank. Now Spavia, a new day spa located at 2100 Dallas Parkway, Suite 152, across from The Shops at Willow Bend, in Plano, has something great to offer. The 3,000-square-foot facility houses 11 treatment rooms, large, secluded changing rooms, lockers, showers with river stones and lounge/retreat rooms for before-and-after treatments.spavia-headshot-adj

Spavia is a franchise business owned locally by Stephanie Pearson. She loves that Spavia is different, has personalized service, affordable prices, gives back to the community and has a focus on natural health and wellness. “Everything that Spavia is known for is right on point with this concept.

We knew it would be a perfect fit for the Plano area,” she says. “We truly are an affordable, luxury day spa with some unique features, plus offer all the amenities and service of a high-end day spa, but at a great price.”

Spavia has features that make it a truly unique spa. Both a men’s and a women’s lounge area are available, and guests are encouraged to extend and reflect upon their relaxation experience. Guests can take as much extra time as desired to unwind both before and after a service. They can bring their own reading material or browse the selection of calming books and magazines available on natural topics—not stressful news or flashy, trashy magazines. Spa advisors record customers’ preferences to make sure their personal needs are met each time. A robe and sandals are provided, and a tea bar and chocolates are available in the retreat rooms. Spavia also offers many spa products for purchase in the lobby.

A massaCS-SpaviaDaySpa-Room-Curves-RZd.DSC_1108_09_10Natural-adjge can be an extremely calming, rejuvenating and healing experience. The hands of the massage therapist moving and relaxing muscles with aromatic oils is simply delightful. Spavia takes it to the next level with
a special Four-Handed Massage. This is a synchronized massage with two massage therapists working together to maximize the experience. It would be a very enjoyable gift for a special person or occasion.

All massages are a full 60 minutes long, and Spavia’s signature Swedish massage starts at $69, with an introductory rate of $49. Some of the specialized massages start at $85. Spavia offers deep tissue, hot stone, sports therapy, maternity, couples, four-handed massage and more. Skin care treatments are also available.

Skin care treatments such as facials, peels, wraps, scrubs and even mineral make-up are available. A wellness program allows members to receive $20 off per month on services. If a group is interested in coming in for a bridal party or special event, Spavia offers SpaLebrations, where a larger space is available for the group to be pampered together and enjoy the day.CS-SpaviaDaySpa-Massage2-Curves-RZd-adj

In addition to massage’s commonly understood benefits, such as relaxing, de-stressing and loosening tight muscles. Pearson explains that it is also used for headaches, digestive issues, insomnia related to stress, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, skin care, anxiety and sports injuries.

Pearson’s goal is to build strong relationships with customers, participate in more community involvement and become a staple service in the area. “Everyone is a team player here,” she says. “We take part in a lot of local events, are involved in PTA, support local charities and volunteer. The staff focuses on each and every guest who walks in the door and wants us to be a place people recommend to their friends.

For more information, call 469-304-9444 or visit

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