Below is the form to submit your listing to the ONGOING section of printed magazine.  This section is intended for events that take place regularly on a particular day. (Example: every Monday, every third Thursday etc.)

  • One payment for the full run of your ONGOING listing is required.
  • For events with admission/cost UNDER $25, the rate is $150 for 6 month run (same listing).  If you wish to run for 1-5 months, rate is $35 per month. Current advertisers with listings included in their package – no charge.
  • If your event has an admission cost GREATER than $25, a high visibility “pop-out” listing is required.  These listings have much greater visibility.  Be sure to upgrade at the end of this form and make the appropriate upgraded payment. 


  • All events must be open to the public. Submit 1 listing per form.
  • The calendar is for events….things people can attend….not sales or specials. To include those in the magazine, please contact us for an ad.
  • DEADLINE for submission


  • Type in all information – do not cut and paste from another document.
  • Items in caps cannot be published. Please turn CAPS LOCK OFF.
  • Always enter a dollar amount for each event. Events submitted without a dollar amount entered (even if it is zero) may not be published.
  • Answer ALL questions for EACH ITEM. Missing details can prevent publication. We cannot search websites for missing information.
  • CONFIRMATION:  After submission, WATCH FOR THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL AND READ IT CAREFULLY.  The confirmation email you receive is the same information received by our calendar editor.  This is the ONLY information the editor receives.  Be certain that the information on that confirmation email is complete and accurate.  We cannot be responsible for incorrect, unclear or missing information. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you should assume your submission was not successful and resubmit your event in its entirety.
  • We reserve the right to edit or exclude any submission for any reason.

TIP: If your event occurs in the first 7 days of the month, we suggest running it for two months, so people have time to see the event in the month preceding and plan to attend.

If you’re ready to submit your calendar event in the ONGOING section, please NOTE THE PRICE, have your CREDIT CARD HANDY and PROCEED with the form below.

* Asterisk is a required field.
WARNING: DO NOT CUT AND PASTE INFORMATION FROM “WORD” OR WORD TYPE PROGRAMS. Info pasted in from other sources, may look just fine on your end.…but when the form is received in our office, important info (or even large chunks) may be missing and published without it.

Unpublished Contact Info

Just in case we need to reach you about your listing.

*Your Name:

*Your Phone:

*Your Email:

*What is your Current Relationship with
Natural Awakenings North Texas:

 Existing Advertiser Former Advertiser Local Distribution Partner None

How Long Should This Listing Run

FIRST MONTH TO RUN THIS LISTING (Do not include a specific date - only the month)

WHAT YEAR? Use 4 digits please.

TIP: Remember, if your event happens in the first part of the month (within the first 7-10 days), you have a better chance of getting noticed for your first event if you have your listing start a month ahead of your first event.

LAST MONTH TO RUN THIS LISTING (Minimum run is 6 months.Do not include a specific date - only the month)

WHAT YEAR? Use 4 digits please.

NOTE: Remember - payment in full is required for entire run of this listing. Please do not list for longer than 12 months.

Ongoing Event Information

*The Event ALWAYS Occurs on this Day of the Week:


i.e. Please indicate the frequency - if it's EVERY Monday, EVERY OTHER Monday, ONLY THE FIRST Monday etc.)

If your event happens on several days, you can include that information in the body of your event description. Alternatively, you may contact us for pricing on a second listing that will appear under a different day and refer readers to the initial/main listing for more information.

*ADMISSION FEE:  Free Donation Amount Entered Below
PAID Admission: If your event has an admission fee, please enter the exact dollar amount.
If it is free, enter zero. Paid events without a dollar amount cannot be published.
Enter an Amount (even if it is zero) $

Event Location & Public Contact Info

*Published Business Name hosting event:

*Published Address:

*Published Contact Person:

*Published Contact Phone:

*Start Time (am/pm) - End Time (am/pm):
INDICATE AM OR PM. Example 10am-8pm or 12-2pm

Tell Us About The Event

*Event Title:
30 characters max

*Event Description:

YOUR LISTING INCLUDES UP TO 150 CHARACTERS (25 words) description per listing. Extra characters (including spaces) will be billed at $2 per 10 characters. Separate billing will be required. Please do not use these characters to repeat information you've already given us (date/time/address etc.) Repetitive info will not be published. This area is to make the event exciting and get people interested. Keep your wording informational. If you have questions on how to submit, feel free to email or call us prior to submitting. After clicking submit, be sure to watch your email for your confirmation of this submission - and check it for accuracy, clarity and completeness.


Your print listing will grab more attention in this color "pop out" box with "Save The Date" heading. Upgrade to this listing to see your event in a colored "pop-out" box and to include: Your Website and Twitter handle


 YES, I want this in a high visibility pop-out box NO thanks, plain text is fine

*Charge for my high visibility "pop out box" in the printed magazine is:

 $40 per month $75 per month

CURRENT ADVERTISERS that currently run a Business Card size ad or larger - Rate is $40 per month
IF YOU DON'T CURRENTLY run a business card size or larger - Rate is $75 per month
Calendar listings and directory listings are not "display ads".

WEBSITE (Included free for Upgraded listings & Advertisers only)

Input This Code Below: captcha

Important Instructions:

BEFORE YOU CLICK the Submit & Pay button below:

• REVIEW YOUR LISTING NOW AND when you get the confirmation emailed copy. Make sure all information is correct and that all necessary information is included on the EMAILED version. The emailed version is the only information received for publication. Info not included on the emailed confirmation copy will not be included in your listing. Changes to your listing will require resubmission using this form.

• PLEASE NOTE THE PRICE for your listing. You will need to enter it in the payment section on the following payment page.

ONGOING LISTINGS MUST BE PAID IN FULL. They are NOT paid month-to-month. If you submit it for 6 months or more, then payment for all months (at $25 per month) is due now. If you submit for 5 months or less, payment for all months (at the rate of $35 per month) is due now.

• WHEN YOU CLICK THE SUBMIT & PAY BUTTON BELOW, you will be taken to our payment page at (You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal.)

• WHEN YOU GET TO THE PAYMENT PAGE, the amount will show as zero. Please ENTER THE TOTAL PRICE FOR ALL MONTHS of your submission in the Order Summary section where it says "item price". Don't forget to use the upgrade fee instead of the plain text fee, if you chose to do a high visibility pop out box.
• Then click UPDATE and then follow the instructions to complete the payment process.


If you're ready to submit this form and continue to the payment page, click the Submit & Pay button below. Remember, if you do have a Paypal account just click the "Don't have a PayPal account" section and you can use your credit card. ~Thank you.


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