Bryan and Kristi Wright are Juicing Heroes

Bryan and Kristi Wright are Juicing Heroes - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthJuicer Heroes, in Frisco, has a goal to make healthy food and options available for all that want them in every market they serve. Owners Bryan and Kristi Wright say, “After looking for a few years for a business we could be passionate about, this business met our criteria. We live the lifestyle; in fact, our children have never eaten a fast food hamburger. We also believe the future of health care is to not get sick.”



The original Juicer Heroes, in San Pedro, was founded by two brothers, Jason and Joshua Taylor. Jason was suffering from heavy metal poisoning and could not find a cure. After many doctor appointments, trying several remedies and spending a fortune, they discovered that juicing was the answer and their mission statement became: “We will not rest until ignorance is no longer the reason people are ill.” They feel that education and empowerment is the key to behavior change.

Juicer Heroes is a fresh, non-pasteurized, juice bar, committed to providing the best, cold-pressed juices and sourcing as much local organic produce from local suppliers as possible, as well as other locally made healthy foods, snacks and products. They do forensic research to ensure the products they serve customers are the best possible products using the best possible methods based on this research and independent studies.

The Wrights say, “This is the reason we use the highest rated cold-pressed juicer available, use only glass bottles, source organic produce and use our exclusive 4 wash process for everything that comes in our store. Juicer Heroes is not a fad juice bar, we are a wellness emporium!”

The Wrights designed their own juicer to increase production while retaining quality, and expect to put in in use within six months. They say, “We have developed equipment, processes and exclusive methods from how we clean our produce to the extraction of the juice, while maintaining important fiber and nutrition all the way, ensuring every juice is consistent with our exclusively designed mixer pouring unit.”

“Juicing is for anyone who is healthy and wants to stay healthy, a person who is curious about healthy food and products, as well as people who want to lose weight, reverse Type 2 diabetes and other diseases or taper off of prescription medications,” say the Wrights. “This becomes a lifestyle for long-term health and wellness!”

Location: 6975 Lebanon Rd., Ste. 306, Frisco. For more information, call 469-803-5919 or visit

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