Black History Drive Goes Digital

1Dr. Nehemiah Davis, president of the National Missionary Baptist Convention of America (NMBCA), founded in 1880, is launching a Save Black History Drive. Dr. Nehemiah Davis Calling upon black churches nation-wide and every black American, Davis is determined to preserve black history by locating, preserving and digitizing paper photos, documents, audio recordings, film and tape recordings, slideshows, etc. depicting black history in all aspects of life, before they are discarded, decayed or lost to natural disaster. After digitizing, the files may be submitted at no charge to a new African-American worldwide database, sponsored by the NMBCA for global public access.

To fund the Save Black History Drive, the NMBCA is launching on January 15, an e-commerce platform that partners with small businesses to give them an affordable web presence and e-commerce platform from which to sell their goods.

Davis says, “The history of the black church is black history. It is valuable and it is worthy to be preserved and shared before its ashes are swept into the trash of time. We can’t wait around for some other culture to discover and esteem our history; we have to take charge ourselves.”

For more information, call 214-310- 9206, email or visit for digitizing instructions, visit

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