Becoming a Better Parent Via Professional Coaching

crg_amy-egan1a-adjAmy Egan, owner of the Texas Parenting and Inner Evolution group coaching for women is offering private consultations and coaching for parents. She states, “The classes are wonderful opportunities to learn in a group environment, but I’ve found that oftentimes people are wanting privacy to focus on their particular issues and frustrations in one-to-one settings that allow them the freedom to share more freely.  It can also be helpful to check in with private sessions every few months, which helps parents stay the course.”

Egan recommends parents commit to a series of three private coaching sessions to start.  The sessions consist of parents learning new, more effective skills and techniques. Once the new skills are learned, it becomes a matter of changing old habits.

Fees for private coaching are $70 per hour or $200 for three sessions. For more information, an appointment or to book Egan to speak to a group, call 214-356-7646 or visit

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