Beat the Allergy Season with New Online Course

Beat the Allergy Season with New Online Course - Natural Awakenings North Texas - Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex NorthJill Baumann, founder of Guided Path to Health Naturopathic Nutrition and Wellness, is offering a special, 28-day online Pre-Allergy Season Detox program to minimize allergies during peak pollen season that begins on March 30 and ends on April 26. Participants can choose their level based on desired amount of detoxification. A special level for kids is also available.



Specific supplements are highly recommended for the best results, but are optional. Baumann says, “This program will benefit everyone who’d like to detoxify, but particularly those with seasonal allergy symptoms.”

She notes that research reveals that toxicity may actually be one of the root causes of allergies, saying, “By reducing our toxic burden, we can minimize our allergic reactions. The Pre-Allergy Season Detox gradually detoxifies while simultaneously strengthening the immune system. The program includes recommendations for physical benefit such as strategic supplementation and special diet, as well as mind/spirit benefits via journaling, relaxation and visualization exercises.”

Cost is $97. Register online at by Mar. 23.

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